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At the ANA, Many Attempts to Bridge the Coin Collecting Divide
To hear some veterans of the industry tell it, the coin hobby of today is a much different creature than the one they found themselves on top of 20 or 30 years ago. That was a time when a dealer with a suitcase full of silver dollars could set up shop at a ...
Downturn offers affordability to collectors
The person posting the plug for the book spoke of how coin collecting is on the decline. A book isn?t going to turn the hobby around. You need a hands-on approach. You can see part of the problem through the continuing decline in values of generic ...
Coin collecting the opposite of hoarding
That is the crux of the problem for every well-heeled coin buyer. The hobby wants them to buy coins. We want them to build important collections. But as Chet Krause, founder of my firm, said, whenever he entered an auction room, he could feel the prices ...
Coin Collecting Rules
Coin collecting is something that takes time to learn ... If a person tries to collect without knowing the basics, he will never succeed in this hobby. Knowing how to grade coins can also help the collector know the true value of the collection.
New Ken Bressett book on coin collecting will be available at the August 2017 Denver ANA Show
The guide, popularly known as the ?Yellow Book,? includes chapters on coin collecting as a hobby; places to find coins; how coins are made; venues to learn about collecting; getting started as a collector; caring for a coin collection; grading ...
Coin collecting is a cherished hobby amongst collectors and often sparks many fond memories. Endless nights searching through sacks of coins and coin rolls in hopes of coming across a Wheat Penny, a Buffalo Nickel, or a Seated Liberty come to mind for some.
Coin Collecting: Investors? Hobby With High Stakes
Numismatics: a hobby to some, a gamble to others and a serious investment to many collectors. The aim is the purchase of proof coins for pleasure and also a profit. The players range from small children hopeful of finding a 1913 Liberty head nickel in a ...
The Future of the Coin Collecting Hobby
Additionally, this will also kill the stamp collecting hobby. There has been a lot of discussion about how to "save" the coin collecting hobby since very few young people are getting involved with it. The membership of the American Numismatic Association ...
Cleveland man says coin collecting hobby is time well-spent
The hobby of coin collecting can be traced back as far as the Renaissance, when it became popular among some members of the wealthier class to present old and exotic coins to guests in the midst of festivals and other special occasions. For years, many ...
Cincinnati?s Top Coin Dealer on Why Coin Collecting Should Be Your Next Hobby
Collecting coins is a hobby that has been around for many years. If you are interested in learning more about coin collecting and whether it may be the right hobby for you, let Coins Plus, the leading rare coin dealer in Cincinnati, provide you with a few ...


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